NVQ Diploma Training in Dubai

The training offered helps the staffs of our client’s organization to become a specialist in the niche subject and also knowledgeable with regards to key points of Safety and Health at work. If your staffs are eager to undertake this course, then you can contact our support staffs, who are ready to take on all your queries round the clock.

Our Staffs

By undergoing the training, your staffs are sure to get the basic knowledge of work related safety and health aspects. It is a widely respected and recognized course, which is being taught the world over.

Scaffolding Training

If  you do separate enrolling for scaffolding separately then cost is Rs 15,000.

Auditor Training

  • Foundation courses
  • Internal Auditor courses
  • Conversion auditor courses
  • Lead Auditor Courses

Red Hat Safety Training at the workplace

 Scaffolding Training in Dubai with competition increasing at a very fast pace, it has become important for all entrepreneurs, irrespective of the geographic domain and industry they belong to, towards contemplating implementing of workplace health and safety. The fact is that a good work place environment that is free from all types of issues related to the work can help the employees to be happy and safe. This in turn is likely to improve overall productivity of the workplace and ensure that it becomes an accident free zone.


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