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The training offered helps the staffs of our client’s organization to become a specialist in the niche subject and also knowledgeable with regards to key points of Safety and Health at work. Nebosh IGC course in Dubai  If your staffs are eager to undertake this course, then you can contact our support staffs, who are ready to take on all your queries round the clock.

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By undergoing the training, your staffs are sure to get the basic knowledge of work related safety and health aspects. It is a widely respected and recognized course, which is being taught the world over.NEBOSH igc course in dubai help the candidate to know how assessments towards highlighting potential dangers are to be created.

Scaffolding Training

If  you do separate enrolling for scaffolding separately then cost is Rs 15,000.
Combo offer NEBOSH IGC + Scaffolding Inspector at Rs 49,000  (IGC at 42000 and scaffolding at 7000)

Auditor Training

  • Foundation courses
  • Internal Auditor courses
  • Conversion auditor courses
  • Lead Auditor Courses

Red Hat Safety Training at the workplace

Scaffolding Training in Dubai with competition increasing at a very fast pace, it has become important for all entrepreneurs, irrespective of the geographic domain and industry they belong to, towards contemplating implementing of workplace health and safety. The fact is that a good work place environment that is free from all types of issues related to the work can help the employees to be happy and safe. This in turn is likely to improve productivity of the workplace and ensure that it become an accident free zone.

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HSE Diploma Course in Qatar

HSE Diploma Course in Qatar

The HSE Diploma course in Qatar is a comprehensive course related to industries which are prone to damage the environment, mainly pollution. This training program deals with environmental protection and good occupational health. This is a one year Diploma course which is tailor made for people who would genuinely try to save the environment and have a deep interest in Environmental Safety Management.  The training program makes the participants aware of the relevant responsibilities that this job would have to shoulder in the working environments involving hazardous wastes. The HSE Diploma course in Qatar also provides the students with the latest know-how and technology on various methods of environment engineering and hazardous waste operation systems.

The core topics in the domain of safety, health and environment management systems focus on environment safety procedures. Having completed the training programme, the trainees would become safety experts having quite a deep understanding on general safety principles and the operating procedures to be intrinsically followed in any type of industrial organisation. The students have to pass four theory papers and a practical assessment done by a panel of experts in the field of occupational health and safety. Candidates have to answer Paper 1 and Paper 2 which would have 10 compulsory questions in two hours for 100 marks. Each question is of  equal marks. Similarly, for Paper 3 and Paper 4, they also have to answer 10 questions carrying equal marks. The course material would be provided by the institute which are of superlative quality. These study materials are prepared by the tutors and experts in these fields. The study is made interesting by keeping the text clear and attractive with many illustrations.

The chapters are well constructed and each chapter has questions at the end of it for the students to solve them and get a practice of what they have learnt in the HSE Diploma course in Qatar. If they are able to answer them they are ready to proceed to the next chapter. The HSE Diploma course in Qatar makes sure that they appoint the trainers who are good teachers and hone the skills of the candidates to make budding specialists out of them. They always make themselves available to guide and mentor the students and that is why the pass percentage is high. The Diploma involves study of Occupational Safety, Health, and Environment prevailing in the industrial sector. The training curriculum is exclusively designed to ensure that it can be followed and understood by even those who are from different backgrounds and not only from an affluent background or for those who are at different levels of their career. The training recognizes that every individual is bound to work in a safe and secure environment and at the same time have moral responsibility of their actions. Their actions in the job place should create harmony and prevent discrepancies for the rest of the workforce. The HSE Diploma course in Qatar is a good way of gaining professionalism.

How to Get the ISO 9001 Certification

How to Get the ISO 9001 Certification


Having taken the decision that you would really like to apply for this standardization and go to all length to obtain it then the top management’s firm decision is imperative. This commitment has to be supported by taking the correct steps rather than only financial. Since someone is required to supervise everything internally an internal project manager has to be appointed. How to get the ISO 9001 certification is a project, so it has to be treated as one and the project management disciplines have to be used adequately.   Since it requires a lot of finance and resources the management has to arrange for them. Also it is a time taking process therefore a lot of time has to be allotted to this entire process and many employees of the company would be get involved in the process that would mean extra responsibilities and, maybe the company has to compensate for the extra hours of work. How to get ISO 9001 certification would mean to clearly know where the organisation stands presently, vis a vis where you have to be for the certification.  You need to know what gaps exists and a gap analysis has to be done.

The results of the gap analysis are made use of to create a plan and schedule. Now, the quality system has to be developed.  In most cases this means to better your existing system by plugging the loop holes.  It could mean to develop some new processes, procedures, controls for the purpose of quality or even documents.  It includes identifying your main processes that is what is being done now and what is to be done, documenting your  process of change in the system in a way that suits you, and making all the changes or improvements necessary to fulfill the requirements of how to get the ISO certification. This is the biggest and the most difficult, taking the most time & effort. It has to be made sure that you involve people throughout, and ensure they understand and use the system.  An internal audit of the  system has to be done that is a compliance and risk audit, not a financial audit to ensure that you are doing what the system requires – including 9001 requirements.

To check how to get the ISO 9001 certification it has to be found out if the actual practice matches the quality manual and the set procedures.  If any lapses are found, they have to be fixed by using the formal processes that now exist in your system.  Now an accredited auditor has to be appointed to check from the audit point of view, and checks all the systems put in place and compares to the requirements of the standardization. If everything is found to be in order then the certificate would be handed over to you.  The formal certificate will arrive after sometime from the audit.  The ‘look’ of it varies according to your certifies but it commonly states the scope of your certification and the Standard your company complies.


ISO 9001 Courses

 ISO 9001 Courses in Dubai


ISO 9001 is a Quality Management System training for internal auditors.  This is the most popular ISO  standard for Quality Management System. This ISO 9001 Courses develops the skills to conduct and compile internal audits. The training develops the expertise needed to assess and report on the conformity and effective implementation of procedures and to contribute handsomely to the continuous improvement of a quality management system based on the ISO 9001 standard.  The candidates would be trained to define the role of internal audit used to maintain and better the management systems; explain what is the structure of the  ISO 9001 Courses ; plan out the entire structure of the internal audit, while performing the audit to gather evidence, to question people regarding more information and create  documentation  as well as  records. The tools and the techniques of leading the audit exercise are taught in such a manner that they could be implemented in your own organization, that of the suppliers or any third party organizations. Workshops are held to guide the participants to implement the entire exercise in the organisation.

The ISO 9001 Courses helps the participating candidates to understand how this knowledge helps to use it as a tool of business improvement. It is meant for auditors, managers and supervisors. In the training course the trainees are taught to prepare presentations, hold and conduct workshops and direct, role play exercises. They are not expected to have prior knowledge of how an audit is conducted. The ISO 9001 course from Redhat Safety is trained by tutors who are management experts and are very experienced teachers. A very interactive and practical approach is adopted while teaching. Doing this ISO 9001 course enables the personnel to effect continuous improvement in the quality management system and its implementation process. This knowledge improves the ability of the company to operate and to take care of customer satisfaction and meet their expectations. This course helps to create a customer satisfaction plan and is used to improve business profit margins. This also enables the organisation to demonstrate high levels of service quality and can transform the very basis of your corporate culture because then the employees would be participating in the changes in the organisation.

The high standard of performance is also a winning factor while bidding for contracts as the Certification shows that the accreditation is from an internationally reputed institute. There are eight quality principles on which this standardization is based , they are focus on customers; leadership quality; people’s involvement; process approach; system approach; improvement continuously; decision making based on facts; and mutually beneficial supplier relationships.  It has been found in a majority of organisations that the ISO 9001 certification has been procured because their customers demand it. Consequently what happens often is, that most of the organisations fail to promote or even support business improvement, their modest aim being only to engineer a degree of control and  bring certain consistency in its operational activities. When an organization decides to invest in its employees and overall business model by applying for the coveted ISO 9001 certification it can mean the difference between capricious and consistent delivery of both products and services.

ISO 14001 Environmental Management

ISO 14001 Environmental Management


ISO 14001 Environmental Management lays down the criteria for a system which cares about the environmental management and releases certification to organizations which map out a framework of an effective environmental management system. This ISO 14001 Environmental Management framework can be made use by any industry dealing with any activity or sector. Any company using the ISO 14001:2015 can provide assurance to its stakeholders, management and to its employees that environment concern is a part of their business discussion and its impact is being constantly measured and improved upon. The ISO 14001 Environmental Management systems has been one of the most popular and used standard and has been revised very recently. It is a norm that all ISO standards are reviewed every five years so that it follows the modern trends and is not left behind. The changes that have been made are mainly in the increased importance of environmental management in the business strategy of any institute and should be a part of its process; leadership to implement it is stressed upon; more proactive initiatives are added to protect the environment from further deterioration by use of sustainable resources and reducing effects of climatic changes; improved environmental performance is added; better communication strategy with considerable importance to life cycle thinking. A three-year transition period is allowed to the companies to adopt the revised format, to migrate their environmental management system to the new edition of the standard. After this if the companies want a third party certification, they will have to seek certification to the new version of the standard. The former version, ISO 14001:2004, and any certification to it, will be null and void.