How to Get the ISO 9001 Certification

How to Get the ISO 9001 Certification


Having taken the decision that you would really like to apply for this standardization and go to all length to obtain it then the top management’s firm decision is imperative. This commitment has to be supported by taking the correct steps rather than only financial. Since someone is required to supervise everything internally an internal project manager has to be appointed. How to get the ISO 9001 certification is a project, so it has to be treated as one and the project management disciplines have to be used adequately.   Since it requires a lot of finance and resources the management has to arrange for them. Also it is a time taking process therefore a lot of time has to be allotted to this entire process and many employees of the company would be get involved in the process that would mean extra responsibilities and, maybe the company has to compensate for the extra hours of work. How to get ISO 9001 certification would mean to clearly know where the organisation stands presently, vis a vis where you have to be for the certification.  You need to know what gaps exists and a gap analysis has to be done.

The results of the gap analysis are made use of to create a plan and schedule. Now, the quality system has to be developed.  In most cases this means to better your existing system by plugging the loop holes.  It could mean to develop some new processes, procedures, controls for the purpose of quality or even documents.  It includes identifying your main processes that is what is being done now and what is to be done, documenting your  process of change in the system in a way that suits you, and making all the changes or improvements necessary to fulfill the requirements of how to get the ISO certification. This is the biggest and the most difficult, taking the most time & effort. It has to be made sure that you involve people throughout, and ensure they understand and use the system.  An internal audit of the  system has to be done that is a compliance and risk audit, not a financial audit to ensure that you are doing what the system requires – including 9001 requirements.

To check how to get the ISO 9001 certification it has to be found out if the actual practice matches the quality manual and the set procedures.  If any lapses are found, they have to be fixed by using the formal processes that now exist in your system.  Now an accredited auditor has to be appointed to check from the audit point of view, and checks all the systems put in place and compares to the requirements of the standardization. If everything is found to be in order then the certificate would be handed over to you.  The formal certificate will arrive after sometime from the audit.  The ‘look’ of it varies according to your certifies but it commonly states the scope of your certification and the Standard your company complies.


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