ISO 9001 Courses

 ISO 9001 Courses in Dubai


ISO 9001 is a Quality Management System training for internal auditors.  This is the most popular ISO  standard for Quality Management System. This ISO 9001 Courses develops the skills to conduct and compile internal audits. The training develops the expertise needed to assess and report on the conformity and effective implementation of procedures and to contribute handsomely to the continuous improvement of a quality management system based on the ISO 9001 standard.  The candidates would be trained to define the role of internal audit used to maintain and better the management systems; explain what is the structure of the  ISO 9001 Courses ; plan out the entire structure of the internal audit, while performing the audit to gather evidence, to question people regarding more information and create  documentation  as well as  records. The tools and the techniques of leading the audit exercise are taught in such a manner that they could be implemented in your own organization, that of the suppliers or any third party organizations. Workshops are held to guide the participants to implement the entire exercise in the organisation.

The ISO 9001 Courses helps the participating candidates to understand how this knowledge helps to use it as a tool of business improvement. It is meant for auditors, managers and supervisors. In the training course the trainees are taught to prepare presentations, hold and conduct workshops and direct, role play exercises. They are not expected to have prior knowledge of how an audit is conducted. The ISO 9001 course from Redhat Safety is trained by tutors who are management experts and are very experienced teachers. A very interactive and practical approach is adopted while teaching. Doing this ISO 9001 course enables the personnel to effect continuous improvement in the quality management system and its implementation process. This knowledge improves the ability of the company to operate and to take care of customer satisfaction and meet their expectations. This course helps to create a customer satisfaction plan and is used to improve business profit margins. This also enables the organisation to demonstrate high levels of service quality and can transform the very basis of your corporate culture because then the employees would be participating in the changes in the organisation.

The high standard of performance is also a winning factor while bidding for contracts as the Certification shows that the accreditation is from an internationally reputed institute. There are eight quality principles on which this standardization is based , they are focus on customers; leadership quality; people’s involvement; process approach; system approach; improvement continuously; decision making based on facts; and mutually beneficial supplier relationships.  It has been found in a majority of organisations that the ISO 9001 certification has been procured because their customers demand it. Consequently what happens often is, that most of the organisations fail to promote or even support business improvement, their modest aim being only to engineer a degree of control and  bring certain consistency in its operational activities. When an organization decides to invest in its employees and overall business model by applying for the coveted ISO 9001 certification it can mean the difference between capricious and consistent delivery of both products and services.

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