Lead Auditor Course Fees

Redhat Safety charges AED 8000 as  Lead Auditor course fees for the  ISO 18001+ISO 14001+ISO 9001. Mastering the audit execution of occupational health and safety management system is a major achievement and Redhat Safety is a reputed training institute that helps you get the accreditation. The Lead Auditor course fee is charged to enable the applicants to understand and implement of the OHSMS in the organisation or company; helps them to train to impart and enhance skills for a practical audit to become internationally recognized certified Auditor/Lead Auditor and to help them learn to conducting and the management of the OHSMS with the help of both external or internal audits or either of the two in accordance of the principles of the ISO standard in question. Safety officers, existing internal auditors, executives, managers, individuals planning to become certified lead auditors, take up these courses. All the participants should have the basic knowledge of any ISO standardization.