Lead Auditor Jobs

Lead Auditor Jobs


It has been seen that even when you have the certificate of a Lead Auditor, it is difficult to find a job just on the basis of a certificate. Whether permanent, temporary, or as a freelancer, the first thing required is to have practical experience in auditing methodologies and techniques. This may be obtained through certification bodies. Usually, it takes about 20 MD (man days) as an observer of audit processes in order to gain the title of an auditor. However, at this early stage you are not allowed to organize and manage audits; you may only function as an audit team member. When you finish an additional 15 MD in the role of Lead auditor under strict supervision, where you organize and lead other auditors and audits, observed by an approved Lead auditor, only then you become the Lead Auditor.

During this time it is important that you maintain an audit log that proves your audits.  When you finish this stage, if you also are recommended by the auditor who supervised your work in this stage, you will receive a record from the certification body that states that you are now a Lead Auditor. The lead auditor jobs has to explain the audit process, determines the audit objectives, the purpose and significance of the audit scope and criteria.  To arrange for resourcing the audit, to ascertain the importance of the auditor and team competency and the selection of team members, particularly with regard to knowledge of the relevant management system discipline, industry sector, regulations and legislation, and to conduct auditor training, are some of the roles that the lead auditor jobs entails. The lead auditor jobs also outlines different methods of audit which includes both on site and off site audits.

The on-site auditing requires the preparation of the working documents, holding audit meetings, gather audit evidence, preparing the audit reports, to get them approved and distributed and also to do audit follow up. Other job responsibilities of a lead auditor jobs are to describe the roles and responsibilities of the audit client, auditors, lead auditors etc.,; explain the management the responsibilities of the lead auditor in managing both the audit and the audit team; explain the need for effective communication with the audited throughout the audit process; explain the need for auditor confidentiality; and outline the content and intent of the IRCA code of conduct. The lead auditor jobs also comprise of planning the audit which means that they would establish the scope, objectives, criteria, duration and resources for an audit to be conducted on a client; prepare an on-site audit plan that is appropriate to the company operations; perform document review in preparation for the audit and prepare the necessary documents like an audit check list. They also conduct the audit to the satisfaction of the management of the client and maintain the quality management system requirements. They also have to identify the resource requirements for conducting the audit including sourcing of manpower for the audit- their competence, awareness and training. They also have to conduct the audit interviews well with effective audit questions.

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