NEBOSH International General Certificate: Boosting career of those who avail it

According to job market experts across the globe, there are said to be several reasons which has been prompting organizations, both medium and small related to safety and health industry to seek team leaders, managers, superintendents, etc. having knowledge in safety and health aspects and a valid NEBOSH International General Certificate.

NEBOSH IGC in Dubai is known to be popular due to its important role that it plays, for example in the construction industry. It is rather a regulatory organization which is immensely popular among reputed organizations all over the world and is in short for “National Exam Board in Occupational Safety & Health”. This body was formed on 1979 with a vision to enhance the safety and health aspects of the employees, who then were working under dangerous conditions. During its formation years, this regulatory did play a pivotal role towards framing appropriate regulations and rules, within the acceptable framework, where authorized agencies did conduct numerous examinations and courses like NEBOSH IGC in Dubai to provide successful candidates such as the NEBOSH International General Certificate.

It was only in 1980 that successful candidates had qualified the examinations to get the much acclaimed NEBOSH International General Certificate and other training program certifications. Over a period of time, this organization expanded its operation area and in 2++3, became a limited company including a charitable organization. Its success had seen it moving to new heights and changing to another location in 1999, where it is still based. There are numerous courses conducted like the NEBOSH IGC in Dubai as well as several types of certifications.

Benefits of undergoing the course

Training in NEBOSH helps the incumbent to get hold of a highly promising job, once the specific course is completed and NEBOSH International General Certificate is availed. Moreover, in recent years, it has been noticed that employers have preferred to select employees, who have undergone specific courses and have availed valid certificates, diplomas, degrees and training in the domain of safety and health, environmental issues. These examinations are currently being held in more than 65 countries apart from the UK.

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