NEBOSH International Diploma

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NEBOSH International Diploma 

NEBOSH courses – Selecting the course to have an excellent job prospect

It has been noticed that there are many people who are eager to work for the benefit of their society and hence, would like to opt for a job which will provide them with the much desired opportunity towards fulfilling their dream. According to experts, a better way to realize this dream is to undergo NEBOSH International Diploma and avail the much coveted NEBOSH international certificate that can assist the person to do justice to his hard work and learning.

 The fact is that NEBOSH health and safety course is popular across the globe and its demand only has been increasing with time. It is considered to be an exam board that is present in the United Kingdom which monitors different exams conducted in domain of environment, health and safety.

Knowing the truth

Many people are said to have the wrong opinion of NEBOSH being a body which conducts such examinations. However, the fact is that it is rather only a nodal agency, playing a vital role of that of regulatory body. Hence, this body never has conducted any of the examinations by its own. Simply put, it accredits different organizations, institutions, agencies etc. to conduct such examinations, but under its stringent supervision. For conducting such examination and to derive the NEBOSH International Diploma, a particular procedure is said to be followed and is a rule. Definite guidelines are prescribed, outlining variety of syllabuses, which is to be followed as well as assessment procedure to be borne in mind when trying to assess specified qualification.

Availing the certification

What one needs to understand is that any person, who has successfully completed the training course, is awarded with the coveted NEBOSH International Diploma and certificate. The benefit enjoyed in availing the NEBOSH International Diploma is that it definitely improves the chances of the candidate to get hold of the best possible job in a reputed organization, without having to wait and to leave competitors behind. It is for this reason that demand for NEBOSH International Diploma has been increasing at a very fast pace.

Red Hat Safety program has been well accepted by the international corporate community and hence, candidates are queuing for availing the course.

Who Can take NEBOSH International Diploma :

NEBOSH International Diploma is for HSE Professionals looking for expertise in career of Health and safety.The Syllabus of NEBOSH International Diploma in Occupational Health and safety formed to meet the ultimate needs of an organisation respective to health and safety. 

If You are looking for career as Health and safety consultant or Senior Health and safety Trainer or HSE Manager in multilevel organisations, the NEBOSH International Diploma would be your Best choice. 

What is the Syllabus of NEBOSH International Diploma :

Unit A: Managing Health and Safety

The NEBOSH International Diploma UNIT IA provides In-depth knowledge of Management aspects into health and safety. 

This Unit Covers the entire management elements from the legal requirements into health and safety to managing human behaviour & essential competence requirements of HSE Practitioners.  

  • A1 – Principles of health & safety management
  • A2 – Principles of health & safety law
  • A3 – Criminal Law
  • A4 – Civil Law
  • A5 – Loss causation and incident investigation
  • A6 – Measuring and reviewing health and safety           
  • A7 – Identifying hazards, assessing and evaluating risk
  • A8 – Risk control
  • A9 – Organisational factors
  • A10 – Human factors
  • A11 – The role of health & safety practitioner 

Unit B: Hazardous Agents in the Workplace

Unit B details all major aspects of managing chemical, biological, physical and physiological hazards in the workplace.

By the Completion of UNIT IB In Nebosh International Diploma in OSH , the Candidates will have full familiarity of Health hazards and respective controls in the workplace with ultimate Knowledge.

  • B1 – Managing Occupational Health
  • B2 – Identification, assessment & evaluation of hazardous substances
  • B3 – Control of hazardous substances
  • B4 – Monitoring and measuring
  • B5 – Biological agents
  • B6 – Physical agents – noise and vibration
  • B7 – Physical agents – radiation
  • B8 – Mental ill-health & dealing with violence & aggression at work
  • B9 – Musculoskeletal risks and controls
  • B10 – Work environment risks and controls

Unit C: Workplace and Work Equipment Safety

Unit C provides a thorough understanding of safety hazards within the workplace including fire and explosion controls, machine design and hazards control, construction hazards and control and more. 

By the Completion of this UNIT The Candidates shall achieve enough competence in workplace safety hazards ad control with ultimate Knowledge.

  • C1 – Workplace welfare requirements and specific workplace issues
  • C2 – Fire and explosion
  • C3 – Workplace fire risk assessment
  • C4 – Storage, handling and processing of dangerous substances
  • C5 – Work equipment (general)
  • C6 – Work equipment (workplace machinery)
  • C7 – Mobile, lifting, access and work at height equipment
  • C8 – Electrical safety 
  • C9 – Construction & works of a temporary nature – hazards and controls
  • C10 – Workplace transport and driving for work

Unit DNI: Application of Health and Safety Theory and Practice

Unit DNI (Unit D for the National and International Diploma) is a new combined unit which replaces Unit D. it consists of an 8,000 word written assignment set by NEBOSH, designed to evaluate the knowledge learned in UNIT IA , IB , IC and the ability to implement them in practical environment.  

Examination Pattern : 

Three Hours Written examination will be conducted under the surveillance of British Council . 

Each Unit examination will be for 120 Marks. 
Why Red hat safety For NEBOSH International Diploma :
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