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NEBOSH IGC course in Dubai

Knowing about NEBOSH International General Certification

It is a well known fat that almost every type of work environments tends to carry some kind of risk aspect more specially, when employees are involved in working with electricity, hazardous chemicals, fire, heights or other possible dangerous factors. It is for this reason that for generations, safety and health prevention systems are known to have been built to ensure that no diseases or accidents are caused at the workplace. However, currently, what all employers prefer their employees to have is a valid NEBOSH International General Certification.

Preventing accidents

By undergoing NEBOSH safety certification course, the individual is able to implement the right safety and health aspects in the organization to ensure that injuries and accidents are averted in all possible manners at the workplace. NEBOSH courses allow the person to understand and know better the established safety and health procedures for reducing risks which are generally associated with performing a particular task.

For all industries

What one has to understand is that undergoing NEBOSH course is definitely beneficial for both employee and the employer, irrespective of the industry, the organization belongs to. Through NEBOSH, the individual is able to implement the right rules and regulations with regards to health and safety, thereby making sure that employees are not at risk when performing their task. Apart from this, NEBOSH course also trains the person to know to obey law and to put into force all those legal aspects that when concerns safety and health at the workplace. In short, NEBOSH course when provided to selected employees of the organization is sure to benefit the business immensely and to do away with the huge expenses that are otherwise associated with injuries and work related deaths among employees.

Why to have employees undergo the course?

Besides the above benefits, it has been noticed that by having the employees to undergo NEBOSH course in safety and health, the organization is able to curb absenteeism, enhance profits, improve reputation with customers, clients, employees and insurers as well as become all the more efficient.

It can be stated that the NEBOSH General International certification program is actually a standard award, which assists organizations in adopting useful training methods that are recognized globally. A course in safety and health is likely to help the business to comply with all important global safety and health regulations and to focus on using appropriate methods for controlling workplace hazards.

Red Hat safety is an important certification program which when pursued is sure to provide benefits to all types of organizations.

Nebosh IGC syllabus:

Unit IGC1: Management of health and safety

Unit GC2: Risk Assessment



Element 1: Why we should manage workplace health and safety.

Element 2: How health and safety systems work and what they look like.

Element 3: Managing risk – understanding people and processes.

Element 4: Health and safety monitoring and measuring.


Element 1: Physical and psychological health.

Element 2: Musculoskeletal health.

Element 3: Chemical and biological agents.

Element 4: General Workplace issues.

Element 5: Work equipment.

Element 6: Fire

Element 7: Electricity

Question Paper

IGC1: One 20 mark question and Ten 8 mark questions


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